I am currently engaged as a researcher at the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Hydrobiology (HBU), and the University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Science, Department of Ecosystem Biology, in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, funded through the J. E. Purkyne Fellowship of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Previously, I was working as a researcher at the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) in Berlin, as well as a research associate professor at the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research at the University of Belgrade, Department of Environmental Sciences.

I completed my PhD at the University of Belgrade, and my MSc at the Swedish Biodiversity Centre (CBM) in Uppsala (part of the SLU and Uppsala University). Both were dealing with different issues related to sturgeon conservation and management in the Danube River.

My research interests span different topics, but mainly the field of species extinctions and extinction risk assessments, biological invasions, conservation culturomics, iEcology, fish ecology and fisheries management, and the development of novel model-based risk assessment approaches.

COLLABORATION NETWORK (click to enlarge):


2019- : lecturer, University of South Bohemia

2017- : researcher, HBU, BC CAS, Ceske Budejovice

2014-2017: researcher, IGB, Berlin

2003-2017: researcher, University of Belgrade

2011: post-doctoral research fellow, IGB, Berlin

2010: PhD dissertation, University of Belgrade

2009: MSc thesis, CBM, SLU and Uppsala University

2002: BSc in ecology and environmental protection, University of Belgrade